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Aquaox Signs Service Agreement with Major Healthcare Group

FONTANA, CA–There is an epidemic of health care acquired infections within hospitals, out-patient surgical centers, nursing homes and other medical facilities. A major cause of this epidemic is environmental surface contamination. It is estimated that 40% of healthcare acquired infections are attributed to cross contamination from hands of patients, healthcare workers and visitors who come into contact with environmental surfaces.

Aquaox and Johnston UNC Healthcare in Smithfield, North Carolina have partnered to address this growing problem and in November of 2014 entered into an initial 36-month contract for the use of the Aquaox Infection Control System (AICS) within the Johnston network of hospitals. This collaboration represents the first hospital network to adopt on-site generated Electrochemical Activated (ECA) solutions for their entire network.

For the past eleven months, Johnston UNC Healthcare has been evaluating the AICS and has collected over twelve hundred swab samples in order to compare the AICS versus traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods. “Our results have been amazing and even better than expected…the AICS allows facilities to provide the very best possible method of cleaning and disinfecting of environment surfaces that can be provided for their patients, visitors and staff,” says Ronnie Syverson, Infection Preventionist at Johnston UNC Healthcare.

The AICS generator produces two EPA registered anti-microbial solutions and a general purpose cleaner that dissolves proteins and emulsifies oils and fats. The first anti-microbial solution is used as a non-corrosive, fast-acting general purpose sanitizer. The second anti-microbial solution is used as a high level disinfectant, capable of killing all microorganisms including MRSA. “Using this new innovative technology we have been able to gain a 98% reduction of all microorganisms and pathogens on all tested surfaces in patient rooms. Being able to have onsite generated solutions has proven the ability to reduce our overall chemical cost, and the added cost of transportation, handling and distribution of an array of chemicals that are no longer needed,” according to Kyle McDermott, Sr. Director Support Services at Johnston UNC Healthcare.

Aquaox and the AICS was the featured topic on the “Health Briefs” television segment, that aired nationally on the Discovery Channel, November 21st, 7:30 AM ET & PT, 6:30 AM CT, 5:30 AM MT.Hosted by Terry Bradshaw, Health Briefs takes a look at the dynamics of the medical industry and many of its associated important people and components.

Michel Van Schaik, President of Aquaox, says, “We were thrilled about our first airing and market introduction of our Aquaox Infection Control System (AICS) for healthcare facilities. Our comprehensive program effectively and efficiently cleans and disinfects surfaces with EPA registered, sustainable, fast-acting, on-site generated solutions and apply them using proprietary techniques to reduce labor and human error.”