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Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer


Electrostatic spraying provides superior spray coverage by more effectively dispensing solutions than conventional sprayers. Tests have demonstrated up to 10 TIMES better coverage resulting in reduced manpower costs and reducing the threat of disease-causing microorganisms.1

The AQUAOX™ Infection Control System air-assisted electrostatic sprayer produces highly charged spray droplets using a unique embedded induction electrode design.

The charge on the droplets pulls the spray towards the targeted surface at 75 times the force of gravity. This means droplets will reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity to coat hidden surfaces, and wrap around objects resulting in a complete, even coverage of the target.1


The University of California, Davis completed a series of tests to investigate what happens to spray liquid after it leaves the nozzle.

Conclusion: ESS technology places over 3 times the amount of spray onto the plant surface using ½ the amount of chemicals. Furthermore, they also reported that ESS sprayers send 2/3 less chemicals to the ground and into the air. Less chemicals used overall, less waste and less drift than conventional equipment.


Less Chemical Waste
Testing by four major universities comparing ESS with conventional and air-blast sprayers shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage onto hidden areas. The studies also found that only 15-20% of the spray from conventional or air-blast sprayers ends up on the targeted surface, with nearly 60% of the chemical wasted on the ground and less than 3% reaching the underside of the target and other hidden areas.

Quick Payback
Better spray coverage equates to lower chemical consumption and faster investment payback. Most users can reduce costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program.

Easy to Disassemble and Clean
MaxCharge™ nozzles are 10 times faster to clean than other electrostatic systems. Just twist off the nozzle’s cover—no tools are required. There are no small parts to lose and no wires at the tip to break.

Environmentally Sound
Reducing chemical waste and using low-toxicity chemicals make your spray environmentally safe and effective. Because ESS units allow you to spray longer with less chemical, exposure to chemicals due to constant tank refills is reduced.

1. Andrea E. Dow, 2008, Control of Listeria Monocytogenes on Contact Surfaces by Electrostatic Spraying of Quatenary Ammonia, Texas Tech University.

Aquaox™ SmartSystem is a systematic approach providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and ecological. They are thoroughly tested, clean hygienically in an innovative way and without using unnecessary toxic chemicals.