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No other issue is as important or personal as good health. Clean, safe, healthy environments are essential to the health & safety of patients, guests, workers, and employees “living” in enclosed environments such as hospitals, schools, hotels and offices.

The market requires a more proactive, cost effective, balanced solution whereby human error is reduced and delivery mechanisms optimized. Our engineered systems and solutions dramatically improves cleanliness, reduces infections, increases safety and is environmentally sustainable.


There is an epidemic of Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) within hospitals, out-patient surgical centers, nursing homes and other medical facilities. On an average day, 1 in 25 patients has at least one infection contracted from a hospital visit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Schools are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and students and staff are suffering from its ill effects. Inadequate cleaning and disinfecting in schools can contribute to an increase in illness or even outbreaks of infectious disease.

Food safety is one of the highest concern to food producers and consumers but the number of reported cases of food poisoning is on the increase despite enforced regulations and sophisticated management systems.

Most disciplines in facility management is going green these days, and for good reason. Green solutions and practices deliver occupational and environmental safety benefits and at the same time can often create operational efficiency.

Establishing an effective program for minimizing germs and bacteria on exercise equipment sends a clear message to your members that their health and satisfaction are a priority. The best program needs to be both effective and practical.