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Aquaox Announces Technology Licensing Agreement with pHur LLC

DILLSBURG, PA – Aquaox LLC, a technology development and leading provider of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) water generators and solutions announced today it has signed an Exclusive development license with pHur, LLC, a company formed by current ZEROREZ® principals from (Los Angles/OC) and (San Diego, Bay Area) to deploy its AQUAOX electrochemical activation solutions in the consumer and small business markets of North America.

Working with Aquaox, pHur has successfully registered with the EPA a stable, neutral pH water that physically kills 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, VRE, and more. 

With hospital-acquired infection now topping $30 billion in annual costs and the alarming rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, pHur is aiming to redefine the way the world disinfects.  Co-founder Jeff Christensen says, “the time has come for a safer, more effective way to disinfect our homes and workplaces.  Today’s responsible consumer understands the benefits of a natural lifestyle. pHur Cleaning and Disinfecting water will help complete that lifestyle rather than allowing harsh chemicals to conflict with it.”

pHur will begin its product rollout in California, Texas, Washington, and Nevada by providing an economical system kit ($30.95) online and based on its successful, decade-long experience working with electrochemical activated water, ZEROREZ® will be the exclusive service partner in California.