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Jean Félix Larose joining AQUAOX LLC advisory board

Dr. Jean F. Larose, a Canadian senior veterinarian, has been a consultant for more than 30 years in alternative health programs for animals and sustainable agriculture focusing on methods, products and programs that reduce the ecological footprint and secure sustainable production of food.

Dr. Larose has worked as a consultant for the Canadian Food Inspection agency (CFIA) and has a vast experience in bio-security measures for the management of global threatening zoonosis.

Jean recognizes important improvements on the health status of farm animals where electrochemical activated solutions are being used to disinfect surfaces, prevention and removal of biofilms. Dr. Larose’s interest is to conduct R&D in the nebulization of HOCL solutions to improve cleanliness of environment, improve air-quality to benefit the health and well-being of animals.

Dr. Larose is presently the scientific director of AQUAOXAN SOLUTION INC., our Canadian partner whose mission is to develop AQUAOX ICS protocols throughout the Canadian healthcare and institutional sectors.


Wilmington, NC – June 11, 2019 – Aquaox, LLC – 800.790.7520

Illucient Purchasing Alliance, founded by Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance and the Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance generates several millions of dollars in annual savings for member hospitals through strategic partnerships and group purchasing agreements

The Aquaox Infection Control System produces on-site-generated Electrochemically Activated cleaner and disinfectant fluid solutions that allow healthcare facilities to replace traditional chemicals that are toxic and can cause harm to hospital staff, patients and visitors. Safe cleaners and disinfectants are environmentally outstanding and eliminate toxic chemical damage to equipment, furnishings and architectural surfaces, yet are effective against norovirus and microorganisms.

Members can purchase directly from Aquaox LLC on the Illucient program.

Aquaox Business Development partner, Bo Batchelder, observes, “The greater opportunity is to revitalize the health of the hospital using the Aquaox Infection Control System protocol that trains to and achieves a higher-level, chemical-free outcome … often improving state ratings, lowering HAI numbers and elevating patient satisfaction scores.”

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Aquaox LLC, An Illucient Approved Vendor


Palm Beach, FL – March 5, 2019 – Aquaox, LLC, a technology licensing and manufacturing company specializing in the development and use of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) was announced as an approved vendor of Nilbribe. Aquaox has been implementing its cleaning & sanitizing system on cruise lines for a number of years, but the addition to the Approved Vendor list will strengthen and build upon the existing relationships.

Nilbribe is a third party, independent company, managing the buying and selling of products and services. Nilbribe guarantee the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

The Aquaox Infection Control System produces on-site generated Electrochemically Activated cleaner and disinfectant fluid solutions that allow cruise lines to move away from traditional disinfectants that are toxic and can cause harm to the housekeeping staff and passengers to a cleaner and a disinfectant that are safe, environmentally sound and greatly reduce the damage to furnishings and equipment caused by toxic chemicals, yet is effective against norovirus and microorganisms.

Nilbribe qualified companies provide services and products. Buyers will find an additional resource of suppliers with new ideas and competitive alternatives. Cruise lines can purchase through Nilbribe, at Zero/no added cost.

Michel van Schaik, Aquaox’ CEO, notes: “The ability for Aquaox to present our company and sell our products through Nilbribe, benefitting from an Approved Vendor status will help us implement our cleaning and sanitation solutions aboard cruise vessels.

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PALM BEACH, FL – Aquaox™ LLC, a leading manufacturer of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) water generators and solutions is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Safety Net, LLC for the healthcare industry.

Safety Net™ is a provider of solutions that promote safe, healthy living and working environments for hospitals, long-term facilities as well as community settings such as homes and businesses.

Michel van Schaik, CEO of Aquaox™ commented, “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership. Safety Net America has a very strong understanding of the healthcare industry and their experience and extensive network of over 200 sales representatives servicing more than 1,000 hospitals make them the ideal partner for Aquaox™”.

Safety Net will begin rollout of the Aquaox™ product line and services through their entire network later this month.


PALM BEACH, FL – More than 90 percent of global trade is transported by sea. Each year up to 12 billion tonnes of ballast water is taken on by vessels in one ecological zone and discharged into another. Consequently, this introduces invasive aquatic organisms in the discharged zone and cause a huge detrimental impact on the local biodiversity, economy and the health of local communities.

Aquaox™, LLC has partnered with MH Flow Water Technologies Group Ltd, a Cyprus corporation to research, develop and manufacturer its Electrochemical Activation generated Mixed Oxidant Water solutions to remove, kill or neutralize organisms in ballast water prior to discharge.

MH Flow Water Technologies Group Ltd is a private company established by owners of a number of well-established international companies. They bring together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in water treatment, engineering, manufacturing in the marine industry with the ambition to make a real difference in sustainable marine water treatment.

Michel van Schaik, CEO of Aquaox™ says, “Bio invasion is one of the greatest threats facing the world’s oceans today and we feel very privileged to be part of this program in reducing the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens around the world”.

Silversea Cruises Selects Aquox’s On-site Sanitizing Solution Generator for New Flagship

DILLSBURG, PA – Silversea Cruises has been recognized as the gold standard in luxury cruising and acclaimed both for its legendary European lifestyle and global reach of destinations. In the US, Silversea has received numerous awards including being voted “World’s Best” by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler (nine times) and Travel + Leisure (seven times).


In spring of this year SilverSea Cruises will commission their new ultra-luxury flagship, the Silver Muse and as part of their ongoing commitment to providing a safe, clean, healthy environment for their guests and staff, SilverSea Cruises has made the sustainable choice to generate cleaning and sanitizing solutions on-board using the new Aquaox KECA 50 sanitizing solution generators.

The KECA 50 is an innovative, compact, on-site generator that produces non-toxic, non-corrosive, powerful, sanitizing solutions. It offers unprecedented versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness by generating high volumes of safe, environmentally friendly, highly effective sanitizing solutions on-demand without the need for dilution or mixing of harmful chemicals.

“Our compact, on-site generators are a perfect match for Silversea Cruises and we are looking forward to supporting their commitment to sustainable practices and passion for providing a safe, secure and healthy shipboard environment for their guest and staff,” said Michel van Schaik, CEO of Aquaox LLC.


Aquaox Announces Technology Licensing Agreement with pHur LLC

DILLSBURG, PA – Aquaox LLC, a technology development and leading provider of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) water generators and solutions announced today it has signed an Exclusive development license with pHur, LLC, a company formed by current ZEROREZ® principals from (Los Angles/OC) and (San Diego, Bay Area) to deploy its AQUAOX electrochemical activation solutions in the consumer and small business markets of North America.

Working with Aquaox, pHur has successfully registered with the EPA a stable, neutral pH water that physically kills 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, VRE, and more. 

With hospital-acquired infection now topping $30 billion in annual costs and the alarming rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, pHur is aiming to redefine the way the world disinfects.  Co-founder Jeff Christensen says, “the time has come for a safer, more effective way to disinfect our homes and workplaces.  Today’s responsible consumer understands the benefits of a natural lifestyle. pHur Cleaning and Disinfecting water will help complete that lifestyle rather than allowing harsh chemicals to conflict with it.”

pHur will begin its product rollout in California, Texas, Washington, and Nevada by providing an economical system kit ($30.95) online and based on its successful, decade-long experience working with electrochemical activated water, ZEROREZ® will be the exclusive service partner in California.


Aquaox Announces Corporate Office Relocation

DILLSBURG, PA – Aquaox LLC, a leading provider of Electrochemical Activated Water generators and solutions to businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, food processing, schools/education, and environmental service providers has announced it will move its office and manufacturing facility from Fontana, CA to new, larger quarters in Dillsburg, PA to better serve customers and position Aquaox for sustainable, long-term growth.

According to Aquaox president, Michel van Schaik, the move was necessitated by the significant growth the company has realized in the last few years. “As our products and solutions have become better known in the industry, demand has risen – and quickly,” said van Schaik. “Our new office and manufacturing space is 50 percent larger than our previous offices and offers a more efficient layout. It will support our continued growth and expansion, and provide a better work environment for current and future staff. I think it underscores our commitment to both our customers and our employees.”

The new 40,000 square foot facility includes concrete entry ramps designed to accommodate trucks and heavy machinery and oversized overhead doors to enable large-scale tanks and vessels to be moved easily in and out of the building. Van Schaik said the building’s close proximity to the US Route 15 will also benefit customers and employees.

Aquaox’s new address is 220 S. Second Street – Dillsburg, PA 17019. The company’s main phone number will remain the same – (800) 790-7520 – as will all email addresses.

Aquaox Disinfectants Generated On-Site in North Carolina Healthcare Facilities Are Compliant with EPA Requirements for Hospital Disinfectants

FONTANA, CA—Current North Carolina Rules Governing the Sanitation of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Adult Care Homes and Other Institutions (15 A NCAC 18A.1300) require patient contact surfaces in health care settings to be disinfected with EPA-registered hospital disinfectant. The EPA registration number on the label of all disinfectant products that enter commerce provides assurance that EPA has completed a data review to assure the efficacy of the product.

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Manufacturers are not permitted to make label claims from antimicrobial pesticides for use as disinfectants unless there is data to support those claims, but since products generated for use on site never enter commerce, EPA does not require the data review and provide a registration number for the on-site products.

On April 27th, 2015 the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services determined that Aquaox Disinfectants generated on-site in North Carolina healthcare facilities are equivalent to the ones produced and shipped commercially. “After reviewing the test data and documentation of EPA registration of the products, this department determined that Aquaox Disinfectant 275 and Aquaox Disinfectant 525 generated on site using Aquaox Pesticide Producing, Establishment Number 85021-CA-001 electrolyzed water generator are the same as the EPA-registered Aquaox Disinfectant 275 and Aquaox 525 products produced and shipped commercially. Both products shipped and those prepared on site are compliant with the requirement for use of EPA-registered hospital disinfectants”, stated James A. Hayes, Program Supervisor, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Aquaox Signs Service Agreement with Major Healthcare Group

FONTANA, CA–There is an epidemic of health care acquired infections within hospitals, out-patient surgical centers, nursing homes and other medical facilities. A major cause of this epidemic is environmental surface contamination. It is estimated that 40% of healthcare acquired infections are attributed to cross contamination from hands of patients, healthcare workers and visitors who come into contact with environmental surfaces.

Aquaox and Johnston UNC Healthcare in Smithfield, North Carolina have partnered to address this growing problem and in November of 2014 entered into an initial 36-month contract for the use of the Aquaox Infection Control System (AICS) within the Johnston network of hospitals. This collaboration represents the first hospital network to adopt on-site generated Electrochemical Activated (ECA) solutions for their entire network.

For the past eleven months, Johnston UNC Healthcare has been evaluating the AICS and has collected over twelve hundred swab samples in order to compare the AICS versus traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods. “Our results have been amazing and even better than expected…the AICS allows facilities to provide the very best possible method of cleaning and disinfecting of environment surfaces that can be provided for their patients, visitors and staff,” says Ronnie Syverson, Infection Preventionist at Johnston UNC Healthcare.

The AICS generator produces two EPA registered anti-microbial solutions and a general purpose cleaner that dissolves proteins and emulsifies oils and fats. The first anti-microbial solution is used as a non-corrosive, fast-acting general purpose sanitizer. The second anti-microbial solution is used as a high level disinfectant, capable of killing all microorganisms including MRSA. “Using this new innovative technology we have been able to gain a 98% reduction of all microorganisms and pathogens on all tested surfaces in patient rooms. Being able to have onsite generated solutions has proven the ability to reduce our overall chemical cost, and the added cost of transportation, handling and distribution of an array of chemicals that are no longer needed,” according to Kyle McDermott, Sr. Director Support Services at Johnston UNC Healthcare.

Aquaox and the AICS was the featured topic on the “Health Briefs” television segment, that aired nationally on the Discovery Channel, November 21st, 7:30 AM ET & PT, 6:30 AM CT, 5:30 AM MT.Hosted by Terry Bradshaw, Health Briefs takes a look at the dynamics of the medical industry and many of its associated important people and components.

Michel Van Schaik, President of Aquaox, says, “We were thrilled about our first airing and market introduction of our Aquaox Infection Control System (AICS) for healthcare facilities. Our comprehensive program effectively and efficiently cleans and disinfects surfaces with EPA registered, sustainable, fast-acting, on-site generated solutions and apply them using proprietary techniques to reduce labor and human error.”