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For the past eleven months or so I have been working with Darryl Patterson with Aquaox to implement and evaluate the Aquaox Infection Control System at Johnston Health UNC. We have collected greater than twelve hundred swabbed samples in order to establish a baseline and study for which to compare this innovative new cleaning and disinfecting system.

Our results have been amazing and even better than expected. I now know that this new Aquaox Infection Control System allows facilities to provide the very best possible method of cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces that can be provided for their patients, visitors and staff. I truly have been impressed by this new innovation.

Ronnie Syverson, BS, BSN, RN, CIC
Infection Preventionist
Johnston Health, UNC

First of all I would like to say how pleased we are with the results of the Aquaox Infection Control System.

Over the past 11 months we have tested and evaluated the system at Johnston Health UNC against traditional cleaning and disinfecting processes. Based on over 1200 swab test, and numerous surface challenge tests the Aquaox Infection Control System out performed traditional cleaning and disinfecting process and procedures.

Using this new innovative technology we have been able to gain a 98% reduction of all microorganisms and pathogens on all tested surfaces in patient rooms.

Being able to have onsite generated solutions has proven the ability to reduce our overall chemical cost, and the added cost of transportation, handling and distribution of array of chemicals that are no longer needed.

With the ability of Electrostatic misting applied by the Aquaox Infection Control System carts we have a greater advantage in the coverage of all surfaces in the patient rooms, equipment and other locations throughout our facility, with less human error.

Kyle McDermott,
Sr. Director Support Services
Johnston Health UNC